go up higher,such as cost for fabric purchase,cost for sampling,production cost, shipping cost and so on. Therefore, only middle to high-end garments are fit for small run production.

The information we need to quote

If you need us to quote, please download the production order and the size measurement chart, fill them up as requested, then email them to us. After we get them, we can count out the price based on the information you give us.

Fabrics we have

Our factory is located in Guangzhou, China, the biggest fabric trade market in the world. There are all kinds of fabrics. There are spring&summer, autumn&winter fabrics, fabrics of various styles and components, and etc. You just need to send us the fabric swatches.

Process for fabric chosen

Clients send us reference fabric swatches with



component labeled. After we receive it, we will go to the market to source the same or similar ones based on your requirements. After we collected all of them, we will deliver them to you. Then you can choose from them.
If you just want to place a trial order and are not strict about the fabric, you can illustrate them. (Ití»s suggested you go to a professional fabric website to find the fabric for us to refer to. Also, please send us the link.) Then we will go to the market to source the same or similar ones based on the pictures and your requirements. Whether it needs to be delivered, ití»s up to you.

Ití»s convenient to have your garments produced overseas

Our professional pattern maker will discuss the issues of the garments with you directly. During the production, we do counter sample making and pre-production sample making. Furthermore, we use DHL or UPS to deliver your garments, therefore, you neední»t to