About Us

Specialising in the production of high-end womenĄŻs fashion and workwear, Yiguangtang, a small run clothing manufacturer, was established in 1996. Our factory is located in Guangzhou, the biggest trade centre for fabric and accessories in China, which makes it easy to purchase fabric. There are more than 30 professional technicians in our factory, and the annual production capacity is 50,000 units. We have already achieved accreditation to ISO.

We focus on high-quality clothing production of small runs in quick turnaround. Cooperation way: First, clients provide design sketches, pictures or samples, then we make pattern, purchase fabric and produce. Our services include pattern making, grading, sampling, fabric purchase, production, delivery, etc.

We are good at manufacturing the following kinds: one-piece dresses, formal dresses, tops, jackets, coats, culottes, costumes, various uniforms for service industry, protective workwear, business suits, etc.



Our strict process and perfect management system can ensure that each item produced is the finest, most beautiful and impeccable.