Why us

Production of small runs

Our factory specialises in the production of small runs. The minimum order quantity is 10 pieces per style per colour in principle.

Quick turnaround

We work for five workdays on paper pattern and sampling. After the sample clothes is confirmed by both sides, we can deliver the garments to client's city in 20 workdays.

Location of our factory

Our factory is located in Guangzhou, the biggest trade centre for fabric and accessories in China. There are various fabric and accessories for each season in the trade market and they are rich in colour and style, which can meet clients' all needs.It's convenient here for international express. There are flights to each country in Europe and America every day.



Techniques of production

We have more than ten years experience of the clothing production and management. We have an efficient team of enthusiasm. With over 30 technicians and 10 sewers of more than 10 years experience, it offers protection for the quality of products.

The production cost

Our factory has a professional team in charge of the techniques. From pattern making, sampling, fabric purchase to production, we do them ourselves. That would reduce the cost for intermediate links. Because we are a factory of small size, we can provide efficient services and the production cost is comparatively low. Thus, we can provide an overall protection for the good quality of products and our price is competitive.