Minimum order quantity

We are a professional small run clothing factory. Small run production refers to production quantity between 50 pieces to 100 pieces per design per colour.
Although our minimum order quantity is 10 pieces per design per colour in principle, frankly speaking, it's just for clients who work with us for the first time or clients who placed an order before and came back to reorder the design in the case that we have the fabric in stock. Generally speaking, we hope the order quantity will be over 50 pieces per design per colour. Then the price will be more reasonable. If the order quantity is too small, it's hard for us to purchase the fabric and accessories.

Services we provide

We produce an order by clientsĄŻ sketches, pictures or samples. Our services include pattern making, grading, sample making, fabric purchase, production, door-to-door delivery, etc.

Price range



The door-to-door or CIF Europe and America unit price goes from $10 to $100. Of course, the price depends on the order itself.

Price composition

The door-to-door or CIF Europe and America unit price is mainly made up of four parts:
1. Cost for fabric and accessories
2. Production fees
3. International transportation fees
4. Import duty and VAT (about $0.5 each item). You can get all your VAT back if you have already registered it.
The exact price is based on your pattern construction, fabric used, quality requests, order quantity per design and international transportation ways.

Which kind of clothing is suitable for small run production?

Small run means the order quantity is about 50~100 pieces for each design each colour. If you choose to produce your order in small runs, all kinds of costs will