Cooperation process

1. Clients get to know the price

First, clients had better know our price range to check whether it is within your budget. It¡¯s suggested that clients provide us with two designs so that we can give you an initial quotation. (If you need us to quote, please download the production order and size measurements on our website, fill them up and then send them back to us.) If our quotation is fine for you, then we can move to the next step.

2. Check the production ability and credit of our factory

Clients can provide us with design sketches, then ask us to make a sample based on that. After the sample is finished, it will be delivered to you for check. In this way, you can have a general idea about our pattern-making techniques and workmanship. It¡¯s better if we can chat once, which may allow you to learn about our



factory¡¯s professional knowledge and backgroud more directly. If the we meet all your needs, we can move to the next step.

3. Confirm the fabric clients used

After you give us the basicest trust, please send us the fabric swatches you would like to use to your designs. Then we will go to the fabric market to source the same or the similar ones. After we collect all the fabric swatches, we will deliver them for you to choose from. (If it¡¯s just a trial order and you are not so strict about the fabric, you can illustrate them.) If all is OK for you, then move to the next step.

4. Factory¡¯s initial quotation

We will quote you initially based on your fabric used,